Being Fearless

Hello there. It’s day two of my online writing project and I have to admit…it’s going okay so far. I’ve spent a lot of my time since yesterday reading posts written from a plethora of different writers. Some are seasoned journalists, some are avid storytellers, and some just want a platform where they’ll be heard. I definitely belong in the latter group. Knowing that there are others out there that are finding their authentic voice and cultivating a point of view to speak from gives me some hope. This is, as they say, a learning process and this will definitely unearth many truths about myself that have stayed in my subconscious mind. With this writing project, I will have to shed all the masks that have been plastered on me and accept the person that comes out on the other end of this. I’ve had several different blogs over the years that have all been forgotten about. Mainly because I didn’t have the strength to be completely open and honest with myself. This time will be different. This time, I feel as though my life depends on me being true to myself. This blog will simply be a safe space where my thoughts can roam free. This time around, I will be fearless because I have no other choice. It’s time for me to embrace who I am, who I’m becoming, and who I strive to be. With an open heart and open mind, I will write and write and write until I am sure I have come to a place of understanding myself better as a person. I don’t know when that will be. But I guess that’s the thing about traveling. You never know where your adventure will take you or what you’ll learn along the way. How exciting, huh?

Sat Nam,



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