Good News

This week has been like a roller coaster that I couldn’t get off of. That’s a good thing. If I had just jumped off and allowed myself to be succumbed by the things that were dampening my spirit, where would I be? A psych ward? On a train to Toronto? (again?) I’ve really grown up a lot these past two years. And I know that when events in my life happen that I have absolutely no control over, it really is best to continue with the tasks that push me towards my goals. That push me to be the best self that I can be.

Forget about the people that don’t see you for who you are.

Forget about the emotions that are twisted and tied up in negative experiences from the past.

Forget everything…and move on.

“Concentrate and consolidate,” said Eric, a dear friend of mine who I had lunch with two days ago at Stephanie Izard’s ‘Little Goat’. Yep, that’s him on the left in my Instagram feed. Isn’t he a cutie? It was funny to me that he quoted the man that was the founder of the type of yoga that I’ve been practicing lately. As a med student at UIC, Eric definitely understands that if you want a life for yourself that is reflective of your worth and potential, you have to put your Self first and do whatever it takes to make you, you. Surrounding myself with positive people like Eric that push me to be greater than I already am, is how I can forget about the darker days when I let others make me feel inferior. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior unless you give them permission.”

Right on, Eleanor. Right on….

So, my good news is that this morning I accepted a position as the social media coordinator for Urban Yoga Chicago! The founders agreed that I would be a good fit for them due to my growing admiration of their yogic style and my thirst to learn more about digital marketing. Hooray!

If you too have had a tough week, I hope you have an amazing Friday/weekend.

You deserve it.

Love and Light,



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