Thoughts on Sacred Economics

“We’ve all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives is our gift back.”

This promotional video for Charles Eisenstein’s enlightening book is simply incredible. This short glance on the poignant ideas he touches on in his book really illustrate the ways that established patterns of money have affected us on global and national level. In this video, he offers a neo-spiritual and philosophical approach on how we can change the way we use money so that less people have to suffer now and in the future. What I really liked about this trailer-like video is that he brings up the point that if we were more conscientious of our actions and how we treat each other, we would realize that we all are here on this Earth to realize our potential and our purpose. Those of us that were born into circumstances that allowed us to accumulate wealth are just plain lucky. But at the end of the day, we’re all humans that are connected by our universal experience–the experience of living, breathing and knowing that one day we will die. So instead of isolating ourselves and pretending that our actions in the Western world don’t affect farmers in South America or miners in Africa, we should remember that we are all in this together.

Today, we now have the tools, technology, and understanding to change how we view our world and transition to a more connected and sustainable way of living. I’m so glad to see that there are innovative thought leaders that are spreading these progressive ideas on how we can better ourselves and this beautiful planet that we’re inhabiting.

The farther these ideas go, the better for us all.

Love and Light,


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