Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman is a well known theorist that introduced the idea of positive psychology during his 2004 Ted Talk. During this highly publicized talk, Seligman theorizes that 60 percent of our happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, while the remaining 40 percent is really up to us. He says that the pursuit of pleasure has hardly any contribution to how we really feel in the long run. Instead, pleasure is “the whipped cream and the cherry” that adds a certain sweetness to satisfactory lives which are grounded by our simultaneous pursuit of meaning and engagement.

Happy Habits-According to Sieglman:

Surround yourself with other happy people.
Cultivate resilience
Remain mindful of the goodness around you
Appreciate simple pleasures
Devote some of your time to others

For those of you that don’t feel like watching the 23 min video, this post explains why I think Mr. Sieglman is on to something. To put it simply, positive psychology is a science that can be used to help us reprogram how we interact with the world and how we perceive our reality. When we are aware of how we respond to a situation, we are better equipped to make an intelligent decision that will lead to less tears being shed.

Hope you enjoy watching this video!


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