“Knowing Who You Are Leads To Success”

“Everyone knows that there is a line in life you just don’t cross. Perhaps we should moonwalk over that line on a daily basis”

Success. It’s not as elusive as some of us think. Being the real you. It’s not as hard as we may think it is. Nor should it. At times we think that being happily successful means that we’ve got to do the things or be the person our parents wanted us to be. For some of you young millennials who are living at home, there is still that pressure to satisfy your parents need to brag to their friends about how their beloved child, whose actually in their early twenties, is in some prestigious post grad program. For some of you, the idea of chasing after your dreams, the ones that you tell your friends about or visually curate on your Tumblr blog, makes you sick to the point that you feel like giving in and saying, “Ok Dad, I will sign that loan for 50k so I can get into a postgrad program that I’ll end up hating.” The worst part is that if you do give in, you’ll end up hating yourself even more than that program because you did something you knew you  shouldn’t have done in the first place.

We should all know by now that giving into someone elses dream will make you unhappy in the long run. We should know this from just being exposed to the failures and successes of the people around us. When we look at people in the media, or folks that make their riches through seemingly just being themselves, we see that there is almost a science to finding what makes a person truly happy in life.

Lets talk about this for a second. The greatest artists, writers, and innovators of our time didn’t just have a stroke of luck when they were discovered or when their work influenced the lives of millions of people. They worked on their craft for years before they became who they were. They were self-assured and hungry for the chance to become happy by doing the things that THEY did best. Simply put, they trusted their instincts and listened to their heart. When they made a mistake, they didn’t look at it as a reason to doubt their potential, but instead took the lesson they learned and used that wisdom to continue to push forward with whatever lofty goal they had their heart set on.

When we think of the greatest achievers in history, we see that they were fearless in how they approached their dreams. People like Oprah and Bill Gates come to mind because to me, these two showed that talent and imagination can take you far if you believe in yourself and your pursuits. I bet you that when Oprah was a 20 year old part time DJ for a black radio program in Nashville, she never could have imagined that one day she would not only be the most influential woman in the world but have a net worth larger than some small countries. Think about that for a second.

When we examine the lives of the greatest innovators of our time and of the past, we see that their personalities were as diverse as their pursuits. They knew who they were, they had an intention to become better versions of themselves, and they were persistent in polishing for years the person they wanted the world to see.

If you don’t know who you are, you will never truly know what you’re capable of, in my opinion. It’s in our daily pursuits that we need clear information on our strengths and weaknesses to succeed.  Being blind sided by your own inability or missing out on your true talents will bring nothing more than failure and frustration.

Another thing that greatest achievers have in common was that they shared the wonderful ability to see what was not yet visible to others. They combined what they loved most about themselves and used what they learned to help change how people think and live. By providing a service to the world that it didn’t even know it needed, they were able to create huge movements not only around their personal brands, but also the ideas they had “brilliantly” formed. In my honest opinion, everyone has the potential to be brilliant. Being confident, having an imagination and knowing who you are is simply how you get there. That’s it. 

Wake UP and don’t let your potential run away from you. Grab it and don’t let go. Give your life away to the goals that will make your future bright.

your heart away to the things that make you, you.


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