Just Believe

“Anything that looks like chaos and calamity in your life is just the Universe’s way of saying ‘Trust me and we’ll make a life together that is beyond your wildest dreams.’ The key is to trust. There’s a bigger vision and purpose inside you that your small brain or Ego can imagine. The Universe has bigger and better plans for you. It’s your job to be of service and not get in your own way. You can only receive what you believe. When you trust you open yourself up to greater possibilities outside of your control or imagination. So what’s it gonna be? Fear or trust?”


2 thoughts on “Just Believe

  1. Told my life story the other day to new friends, and thought of you. So I decided to do a Google search. Seems like you are doing phenominally well. Which, even though are rocky past, I am very glad to see. Looks like you are on a good path of peace and happiness. I wish you the best and hope the universe smiles on your life.

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