What 7 Wildly Successful People Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

What 7 Wildly Successful People Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

As a girl in early twenties that has her goals validated by those lightbulbs that flash over her head on the daily, I love it when publications like the Huffington Post release these super insightful “articles” that speak to younger millennials. Click on the title to read it.

 Hearing that a successful woman like Tina Fey had to encourage herself to say “yes” to new opportunities or that Ellen DeGeneres had to learn that being authentic was where her strength lied, makes it even more clear that every path is not going to be the same. Powerful women are  not just born, by the way. They are created. Tina and Ellen fed their talents over the years, worked on their craft and became the awesome trailblazers they are today because they never gave up on accomplishing what they set out to do. We’re all on our own path to greatness, but we must remember that we have to put the work in and step outside of your comfort zone in order to get to the conference tables we want to be eating bagels from and the Tedx talk we would like to be headlining.  Buzzworthy-like write ups like this are giving us just a friendly reminder of what we should be thinking about as we go through our day hustle.

Good going, Huffington Post. All your Health and Wellness articles have been so on point recently. If I’m not too tired from celebrating my birthday in NYC next month, I may just have to stop by your HQ. I promise all I will do is give a few high  fives and invite Arianna out for brunch.

Be Well,

Jenni O.


I won’t be in NYC till NYE. Eeek..


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