Twenty Four for 24

Every year of my twenties so far has felt like a life time: an individual universe of life lessons, future defining decisions and self-contemplation. There’s been a lot of fun parts and a lot of intense parts but the takeaway is that man, being in my twenties is exhausting.

Our twenties is when most of us make the major life decisions that are going to affect the rest of our years: what kind of person will you be? What will you do for work? Will you get married, and to who? There’s a lot of pressure to choose wisely, to choose as if our lives depended on it. And that is a bitch, because there is just no way to know if you are making the right choice until maybe even years later.

In a way, this is what makes leading a typical, traditional lifestyle so appealing. There is a certain comfort in following the status quo: so many people can’t all be wrong, right? If you do what everybody else is doing your life might not be very spontaneous, but at least you’ll feel secure. You’ll know what comes next because it’s all been done before, a million time, by everyone else.

For some people though, the typical American lifestyle just doesn’t cut it. They want something else, something different, and that in itself is pretty scary. Breaking away from what’s normal can be absolutely terrifying (and exciting) because there is just no way of knowing how it will pay off. It’s higher risk, and hopefully higher reward.”

Making a list of the 24 things I’d like to accomplish this upcoming year seems like an appropriate thing to do for someone who is constantly talking about living the good life everyday. So, here goes…:

1. Write eBook on living a purpose and passion filled life.

2. Save up for my next trip to Italy. Summer 2014.

3. Become Yelp elite…!

4. Eat out at enough places to become qualified as Yelp elite

5. Get better acquainted with digital media/marketing/communications. Period.

6. Stick to daily yoga routine

7. Move into my own condo. Perhaps with a roomie?

8. NYE in NYC. Make it happen.

9. Go to a music, yoga, or art festival. Or a hybrid of all three

10. Be fearless. Always

11. Get iPad. Seriously

12. Make DIY gifts for Christmas from Pinterest. Lol

13. Walk more

14. Live a more curated life

15. Write letters of gratitude

16. Take things slowly

17. Network

18. Skydive. Just do it.

19. Find more uses for greek yogurt

20. Reconnect with the things that excite me

21. Dance classes

22. Read more

23. Do things that make me feel afraid

24. Do things that make me feel alive

Jenni O.


2 thoughts on “Twenty Four for 24

  1. I love this!!! The list, the ideas…. you hit the nail on the head. Choices can make living in your 20s exhausting, but my dad has always said “Life is about decisions, not about options” — and the man might be right in this case, choosing to just DO something rather than over-analyze it is your best bet toward living the fulfilled life…. including doing the things on this list! Even the Pinterest DIY crafts which I’ve been compulsively collecting until the day I have free time haha. Anyway keep going girl! This is awesome.

    1. Paris!!! Hi!! I really appreciate your thoughts on this. I couldn’t agree more with your dad. Life is meant to be designed by the directors of our lives. US. And even the smallest projects can help us get to our next steps..or even our next passions.
      Thanks for the support friend. 🙂 xo

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