“Let Go, Let God”

Seeds of Destiny

Hope is the Seed of Faith
Faith is the Seed of Drive 
Drive is the Seed of Seek
Seek is the Seed of Knowledge
Knowledge is the Seed of Awareness 
Awareness is the Seed of Power
Power is the Seed of Choice 
Choice is the Seed of Abundance
Abundance is the Seed of Dream
Dream is the Seed of Happiness
Happiness is the Seed of Pleasure
Pleasure is the Seed of Desire
Desire is the Seed of Destiny

Someone on Deepak and Oprah’s Meditation message board posted this little gem and I just had to share it with you. Yes, I know its been a long while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. My bad. Really. I’ve been committed to working on my career goals these past few months, which means a lot of my time has been spent processing my old habits and preparing myself for what’s to come in the upcoming months. I’ve come to realize that in order to move past unhelpful and repetitive behavior, I needed to be aware of what was holding me back. I needed to stop feeling guilty and needed to forgive myself. I needed to trust  in the Universe, in God, in something bigger than myself…if I wanted to become the person I knew I wanted to be and was supposed to be.

Destiny. That word holds so much weight. We’re all told that we have one…the problem is that the path is never really clear. 

When I started doing Kundalini yoga and breathwork about a year ago, I realized that I had a crazy amount of tension and confusion within me. By  clearing that all away, I was able find the voice within me that had been suppressed by the garbage and bullshit that had been piling up since childhood. Now, I have to tell you…I question everything, always, so adopting a super spiritual yoga tradition was going to be a huge challenge for me, the self-proclaimed cynic.

By shining a light on my fears, habits, and things that weren’t uplifting me, I gave myself room to observe the truth within me, instead of the “truth” outside of me. I had to have confidence in my faith, in my desires, in myself, instead of worrying about what everyone else thought. Because the “truth” is…everyone is afraid. And no one has the answers to the questions I’m asking because no one has had the life i’ve lived. I needed to look within my own world and past experiences to fix my present issues. Being aware of my hang ups allowed me to acknowledge their presence, which in turn made it possible for me to start the process of banishing them. Turning negatives into positives can happen if a person is able to accept the power those negatives had over them in the past. But, of course, before I could recondition myself, I had to have the tools necessary to recreate my foundation. It’s true that without strong roots, you will fall. If my moral compass is on unsteady ground, how can I expect to live my authentic truth and live a life of integrity? How could I have healthy relationships? Thanks to my daily meditation and mindfulness practices, aka my tools for peace and reconditioning, I’ve been able to push past childhood memories and mental blocks in order to reach those seeds of desire I’ve had within me since I was a young girl. Before I could even begin to offer my service and gifts to the world, before I can do anything remotely beneficial for anyone, I had to “let go of my rubber clown suit” as the awesome David Lynch would say. That rubber clown suit is the metaphorical cloak that society put over me to make me believe I had to live a life void of true experiences and filled with lies. Conscious and otherwise, ya know?  I’ve thrown that suit away and am now standing naked in front of you. And in front of myself. Its like I’m seeing myself clearly for the first time.

I started this blog to help other millennials find themselves and their true calling, and now I’m the one that is showing you exactly how to let the light in so you can do exactly that. This journey that I’m on is taking me through a process of understanding, knowing, and expanding the person that I am. Yes, its truly a process that requires persistence and honesty….so if you’re wanting to transform the person you are, make sure you’re ready to witness some spectacular miracles in your life. But please know that things will get worst before they get better. In order to get to the “truth within you”, one needs to completely face the emotions tied with their fears and harmful behavior. Through my own meditation practice, I’ve discovered a wealth of information within myself that has helped guide me as I take on new responsibilities as a young adult. The metaphorical and actual steps I take on this Earth now seem lighter, clearer, and filled with purpose—and because of that, I’m now happier than I’ve been in years. Having the clarity that I have now makes me feel stronger and more able to take on the challenges that face me every day. This is a priceless and beautiful experience, but it is one that has required time and an open heart.

If you’re looking to deepen or even start a meditation practice, try Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience titled “Finding Your Flow.” It starts April 14th. In the meantime, check out meditation videos on online through YouTube or through one of my favorite websites, http://www.doyogawithme.com.

Love and Light,

Jenni O.


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