How To ReProgram Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want with Dr. Cathy Collautt

This talk that Marie Forleo has with metaphysician and manifestation consultant Dr. Cathy Collautt is without a doubt one of the best conversations I’ve heard all year. Period.

How I came to find it is a pretty funny story. I was feeling curious a few days ago about what Gabrielle Bernstein’s thoughts were on witches and the first video that popped up was the one I’m sharing with you today.

“Yes, Hocus Pocus was awesome, but the real magic lies within us,” was what I thought after watching these two ladies speak about how it is possible to generate what we want by simply focusing on our intentions. For the record, I don’t believe in the societal definition of a witch, but I do believe that some people are more in touch with their intuitions and inner light than others. I also believe that anyone is capable of accessing the part of themselves that is more spiritual in order to gain the power they need to cultivate their dreams and desires.

With this video, you’ll learn about the 5 steps you can take in your life to get your subconscious mind on board with your conscious goals, and in turn get anything you want. I loved everything that Dr. Collautt had to say in this conversation and know that what she is teaching really does work. It is totally possible for ordinary people, like you and I, to reprogram how we access our potential and live more purposeful lives.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday. 🙂

Much Love,


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