Give Yourself Permission To Be Your Best Self

Do you ever wonder how successful people become so good at what they do? Have you always thought that you can do better, but didn’t know how to change limitations in your life? In this super short and sweet video, Brendon Burchard speaks from his heart when he describes how all of us, young or old, can access the part of ourselves that allows us to think big about our dreams while being practical. He touches on the fact that we all are constantly evolving, but how we choose to evolve is what separates successful people from dreamers. When you start living life as though you are successful, you are able to enter yourself into the world that you see fit for yourself. He says that in order to improve the person that you are, you not only have to be very self-aware and clear about your goals, but you have to manage your thinking. If you’re the kind of person that says things like,”I’m not good enough,” you need to change your thinking today. Because the fact of the matter is, you are good enough. You, dear friend, are the CEO of your life. For real. There is no one else in the world that has lived the life you’ve lived or accomplished what you’ve done so far. But if you want more out of life, take control of your mind and start telling yourself today that you are good enough and capable of reaching your highest potential. If you see yourself being, for example, a food truck owner that runs a not for profit organization, be about that life. If you need entrepreneurial skills, go get them. If you want to improve your culinary skills, start cooking more. There is no idea too crazy or too far-fetched; you’ve just got to be willing to change your perceptions on what you’re able to do.

“When you reach for your best self, you start to achieve your best things.”

Love and Light,



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