Short Bio

Born in Germany to Nigerian parents and raised in Chicago, I’ve been fortunate enough to live a life that has taken me to places I could never have imagined. As a teenager I was introduced to mediation at the martial arts school I attended on Chicago’s Northside and it was here that I learned the importance of taking care of both my body and mind, a central theme that I’ll be coming back to often on this blog. I was lucky enough to be accepted into Oberlin College and was overjoyed by the freedom I found in a small liberal arts environment where music and progressive anything took center stage. I listened to Yoko Ono lecture about peace, booed Karl Rove as he justified war, and listened to some truly forward thinkers of our time. During my most transformative years, I constantly pushed myself in order to find what truly made me happy and to figure out an answer to the biggest question: what can I do to make the world a better place than how I left it?

During high school, I was heavily involved in education reform within the Chicago Public Schools, and was even an education advisor to then CEO of CPS, Arne Duncan, current U.S. Secretary of Education. I organized peace rallies, schmoozed with  philanthropists and campaigned for city officials who promised to help those that didn’t have a platform to speak. While at Oberlin, I won a grant that allowed me to travel abroad to the U.K, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Learning about what was important to the people that I met in my travels gave me a new lense through which I could view and appreciate the world in a totally different way. While in Italy, I saw how neighbors drank wine together after a days’ work and how families religiously ate together. While in the U.K, I learned that a short stop at an English pub could very easily lead to one making a bevy of new friends who would take you to their soccer game the next day so you could have the proper English experience. It was clear to me that enjoying life was a central theme to living in Europe, whereas in the States, people work themselves to the bone. I really do miss everything about Europe, and plan to share stories from my time there on this site.

I’ve really enjoyed living within the fragmented worlds that I’ve existed in and have a great deal of thanks to give to the people that opened my eyes to experiences that have now colored my present day life. The time has come for me to take all that I’ve learned and create the life that I feel is worth living. I look forward to seeing where my blog and upcoming personal pursuits lead me as I figure out which fork in the road I’ll be taking next.


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